Thursday, August 11, 2011

Accept me as I am

Just because I'm not diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, I still wish the same things as the diagnosed. This is not a way to make an excuse but a way that I want people to accept me as I am, Asperger or not.

Here is a blog from an Aspie (Asperger person) writing "Five Things We'd Like People to Know About Adults on the Spectrum". I have the same wishes as he is. These blogs, for example, and a Facebook group help me find the words I've been looking for in order to let people what really is that I need because I find it hard to find my words to describe my requests and what I am feeling. When I want to share about my request, I always end up being described as "clingy" because these are my words "treat me like 'the others' " or "can I be your baby?" when I mean "can you please help me and give some attention to my needs?" "Treat me like 'the others' " when I should have said "I may be different but look inside of me, I'm still a person. I'm the same as every one else. I have needs to. Underneath that facade which you see every day, I'm still a person with needs. Accept me as I am. Treat me like 'the others'. " Anyway, I said the words again; I'm still confused with my words of expression. Because of those words, I lose people; I just lost someone I trusted, my Big Sister/teacher/counselor/friend.

Anyway, read Five Things We'd Like People to Know About Adults on the Spectrum, to know what we (Aspies) have been requesting to the majority of people.

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