Saturday, February 23, 2008


I have a mind of my own. Whatever I have written here, depends on how you and I see things and know from each of our understandings. I may be liable to your confusion and troubles, but that would depend on how you deal with yourself. I am under God's judgment and His judgment shall be true and sealed. Comment, for you may. This blog is open for praises and critics.

Here Is A Man? (taken from

We think of ourselves as free and wild, but what does a man do when trouble strikes him? We find people who can provide our needs. Some seek for therapy, some for books, and some find religion. What is the difference of such things? None as much as I can think of, but they are similar that these things can still lead to emptiness in the future.

What I think is that people can't help you, therapy can neither, nor self-help books, not even religion. Religion? You say. Yes, religion can't help you nor can it save you, but Jesus can. Jesus is not religion,, but a relationship. Our friends, family can provide little for us but they can't always provide everything that we ask or expect, but Jesus can. In relationships, we come to our friends and family. In Jesus, we come to know him personally and not from what people say who he is, and come to reconciliation to God the Father. Reconciliation always involve relationships. How can you be reconciled when you don't know the person?

How can ONE change the WORLD? (taken from my old journals of 2006)

Power? Wealth? Connections? Knowledge?

When I was a preschooler, an old lady was begging for money. I thought, "When I grow up, I will be very rich, very wise, very hardworking, and getting the highest position at work so I can buy a very vast land and build a very large house, and invite all the poor people to live in that house." Well, what would you expect from dreamers like me and with that young but with a very big imagination?

I knew everyone had experienced like these also, but only a few made it. Bill Gates, Steve Johnson, Aristotle, Socrates, Johannes Sebastian Bach, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, and all other BIG names. They had changed the world either the right way up or upside down by their music, knowledge, power, partnerships, and wealth.

What about faith? "Faith can move mountains." Could one change the world by his faith? Probably, if he could lead, be responsible, and be faithful to his hearers and followers that he would not lead them astray or be left alone. "One teaching, and I'm off." Had we ever thought that is present in many of us? Let me rephrase, "One teaching, and I'm off to teach another, just leaving behind who listens. It's up to them if they understand or not. So what? I am only here to teach, not to father. Just teach and go; teach and go.

Fool! We call it. However, there were some who were in contrast to that. Think of any missionary you know. He made a great influence to many that they led the people to Christ. That's a world-changer. He might only be teaching only one tribe, but one heart was enough to bring the angels to praise the Lord. What's so unique other than angels praising? He took the BIG responsibility to be accountable to his "flock" to be like a father to them. Not so many could do that, could they?

Changing the world is not very easy and an immediate task. It takes courage and strength. Love and hope. And the most importantly, FAITH. What other else that one can change the world? Commitment and loyalty to that commitment.