Saturday, January 03, 2009

Life Isn't Complete w/o the People that Came To Our Lives

If there were no parents, how did we enter this world?
If there were no caregivers, who took care of us when no one else did?
If there were no teachers, how did we learn our manners, values, lessons?
If there were no friends, who could have influenced us?
If there were no enemies, how did we learn from each other's mistakes?

Friends may have become enemies. Enemies become friends. They still were part of becoming us. Because every people that came to our lives, we learned from them. They became our training ground as we walked this path called LIFE.

Every maze, every adventure, every road, every path is not easy and straight. There would always be stops, turns, twists, rocks, and other else that came our way: fights, arguments, misunderstandings, accidents, etc. Still we took the path for it's the only road to life.

There's no turning back. The clock turns clockwise and not counter clockwise. The clock ticks continuously and never stops. The years don't subtract; it always adds. Our years of age as well.

2008 just faded and so were the years behind. All that were left were memories. Memories of joys and sadness, of anger and reconciliation. People = memories. Without people, there's no memory to keep. Without memory, there's emptiness in us. Emptiness comes from loneliness. And loneliness strays away people.

What is life if we're alone in this world? What is life if we dislike the people in our lives? What worth is living if we cut off our memories, escape from the people we've known? What is life if I disown my past?

This I have to learn: Cherish each moment, each day spent with the people in our lives. Keep every treasure, tangible or intangible, that was given to us by these people. And always say a prayer of thanks to the One who gave us our family and friends, God. God who brought all that we saw around us ALIVE.