Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lady of SOME Youth

Surrounded by a crowd of people
The whole 18th floor is so full
All shades and sizes, corporate and casual
No one is left behind for this Ball

Dancing and singing
Gentlemen laughing
Chisms of ladies
Updates swarm like bees

But in one corner lay a lady
Dressed in lace and hair well kept
No one knew where she'd been or who's with her
She's all quiet and yet so beautiful

She cried, "Is no one ever going to ask me for a dance?"
Nobody heard her cute little voice in a room full of chatter
She tossed herself around the room wishing for a familiar face
Sadly, she knew most of the people, but no one seems to have seen her pass

"Everyone's here, and no one seems to be missing this ball..." she thought
Still she circled around hoping someone would invite her to join a flock
She then stayed in one table with a few good faces near the dance floor
They welcomed her in the table, even offered her a sit

The host formerly pronounced the start of the ball,
"Princesses, time to hang on to your dancing shoes
While the gentlemen, ahem, take your ladies, let's go swingin'..."
Every corner, every crowd, every table, every one is quick to the dancefloor...

Beautiful ladies, wearing their best clothes
Sparkling and glittering, the lights shine their glory
Men, men of old, men of youth, wearing their ties and bons
Handsome they appear, Gentle manly, they are dear

What about the lady, dressed-in-lace-and-hair-well-kept?
She's all sitting in that table alone and trying to enjoy the dance
"This will be over soon," she said.
But she didn't realize the ball is meant forever.

18 is a number, yet not an uncommon number.
At 18, we get to decide independently. We have reached a LEGAL age.
At 18 is "Hello world!"
At 18 is "Byebye childhood."
At 18, hidden secrets, hidden gestures, hidden "rotten eggs" surface
At 18, people come, people go, bloom to experience
At 18, decide for the future, live the present, learn from the past
At 18, we get to learn who we are, who we might, what may become.
In the story, is a lady knowing loneliness in a world full of people...