Thursday, August 11, 2011

Accept me as I am

Just because I'm not diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, I still wish the same things as the diagnosed. This is not a way to make an excuse but a way that I want people to accept me as I am, Asperger or not.

Here is a blog from an Aspie (Asperger person) writing "Five Things We'd Like People to Know About Adults on the Spectrum". I have the same wishes as he is. These blogs, for example, and a Facebook group help me find the words I've been looking for in order to let people what really is that I need because I find it hard to find my words to describe my requests and what I am feeling. When I want to share about my request, I always end up being described as "clingy" because these are my words "treat me like 'the others' " or "can I be your baby?" when I mean "can you please help me and give some attention to my needs?" "Treat me like 'the others' " when I should have said "I may be different but look inside of me, I'm still a person. I'm the same as every one else. I have needs to. Underneath that facade which you see every day, I'm still a person with needs. Accept me as I am. Treat me like 'the others'. " Anyway, I said the words again; I'm still confused with my words of expression. Because of those words, I lose people; I just lost someone I trusted, my Big Sister/teacher/counselor/friend.

Anyway, read Five Things We'd Like People to Know About Adults on the Spectrum, to know what we (Aspies) have been requesting to the majority of people.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

It Hurts...

It hurts everyday to know that what has been treasured is now gone.

It hurts to keep up with having my relationship with God when I don't have a relationship with His Family.

It hurts to know that God is my God but He can't be fully my God because God is a God of relationships.

It hurts that I am losing myself because of trying to hang on and move on.

It hurts that trusting pays a lot of risks and may end up a disaster.

It hurts to not fit-in in this shallow stereotyped world just because I am not accepted for who I am, even in God's Family.

It hurts to "belong" in a group and assumed that I fit-in though they do not know who I really am.