Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God brought me to it; God will bring me through it.

I am run by emotions but my emotions should not reflect how I relate to God.

Emotions are deceiving and may destroy a person and the people around him.

There are times we're happy. We want to spend time with people. Go out. Have fun. Enjoy life. There are also times we're gloomy. We avoid meeting people. Going out with them. Enjoy the world around us. And we fail to see the beauty of God's creation.

In a Christian concert, all of us are in high hopes after attending the concert. The concert is uplifting and encouraging. We feel in light with God and wish to spend more time with God. But as the days go by, we get miserable. The world around us is turning upside down and we no longer wish to attend church, read the Bible, pray to God, and might even feel guilty. Why does this happen? Why that at first we were joyous and in fiery for God and all of a sudden, God became so far away and we end up in the "blue moon"?

This is caused by our own emotions. When we're happy, we rejoice God, but when we're blue, we deject God. Every Christian is still human, and humans are vulnerable to high and low feelings, but the joy a Christian has with God isn't based from his happiness.

Joy is not equal to happiness. Joy is a hope waiting to be grasp by every Christian. Hope in God, faith in God, trust in God whether being lively and merry or sad and gloomy is the joy of having a genuine relationship with God.

God isn't just a Superior Being ruling over all, but a Loving Being who wants all His children to obey and have joy in Him.

As for me, I am writing this as I am in a pit. I am not in a valley or up on the mountain, but under the deepest pit. I write this to express and to remind myself that God brought me into this misery so He can use me and that His awesome Power may be displayed in me bringing me out of it as a child still learning to walk, as a cracked pot waiting to be fixed, as a blind wishing to see, a deaf hoping to hear, a lame wanting to walk.

God brought me to it, he'll bring me through it.